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Rowan Vuglar


About the Artist

Rowan Vuglar was born in 1952 in rural New Zealand. During his career, while based in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and London, he has held over 50 solo or joint exhibitions.

Swipe below to see more current paintings or go to "Shop" for sales (please contact Rowan to discuss purchase of paintings as selling from the Shop direct is not activated) .

Paintings in "Gallery" are sold.

How to Buy a Painting

            1. Contact me (

            2. Decide if you want it delivered unframed for free (worldwide) or framed (which will require a charge).

                Customs charges may be payable depending on where you live.

            3. Purchases from my studio (London SW8 1TF) are indeed possible and will normally be framed and ready to 

                hang, and also includes free delivery within 60 miles.

            4. Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your painting, you can return it for a full refund. You will also get a 

                full refund in case of loss or damage in delivery.


rowanvuglar Instagram account is also featured below, listing all paintings done from 2020 and a smattering of older paintings.


Go to Gallery to see what's sold.


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